Monday, May 28, 2007

Hardware for Windows Vista

The first important step in "moving to Vista" process is the hardware.

I've decided, that in order to use Windows Vista the best way I can, I should get the minimal (or a little more than minimal) configuration capable to run Vista Ultimate.

So, here's my list then:

1. CPU: any dual-core processor will do. I don't intend to get the fastest machine in the world, just one that will be enough for 80% of all computer tasks.
2. Memory: at least 1GB. I should get as fast memory as possible, but more that 2GB will probably not worth the expense: no Windows XP nor Vista will benefit much from it.
3. Motherboard: one which provides wide FSB or memory bus.
4. Hard Drive: doesn't matter. For the sake of my patience, I'll get one with at least 7200RPM and 16Mb cache.
5. Graphics card: the one that will hold Vista Ultimate edition. It means, probably, 256MB onboard memory and/or TurboCache feature.

In the next post I will cover my specific choices. Any comments are welcome.

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